7 L Trash Bin Home Office Rubbish Can Dust Bin Large Lid Lock With Button Large Mouth Design Garbage Basket With Press Lid Dustbin For Room Kitchen

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1.Durable in Use: Made from robust PP and ABS material, this trash can boast a sturdy design that ensures safety and longevity, making it the perfect solution for your waste disposal needs.

2. Hygienic Convenience: Keep your home clean and hygienic with our trash can designed with a cover that isolates odor and prevents pets from tipping it over.

3.Modern Style: Our trash can in a contemporary design can transform any space. The barrel has a touch of elegance because of its slender and delicate fashion aspect.

4.Easy of Use: Specially designed with a sensitive push-to-open switch, this trash can provide unparalleled convenience and effortless opening whenever you need it. Portable and practical!

5.Upgraded Design: Our Trash Can easily conceals trash bags with the internal pressure hoop design. Achieve a clean and stylish look with the large round mouth design.

Description :

This delicate trash can is made of high-quality PP and ABS material and designed to take care of your houseHold Hygiene Needs. ITS LARGE ROUND MOUTH Design Makes It Very Convenient to use. Say Goodbye to Messy Cans and Hello to a Clean AND Organized Home .


1.Material: PP+ABS

2.SIZE: 7L/1.8GAL, about 22*36.3cm | 8.66*14.29in

3.Features: integrated, press to open the cover, high-end and elegant

Packing List :

Trash Bin*1

Tall Feet*3

1: Rubbish Can